Default Apps

I loved reading through Chris Coyier and Matt C’s lists (and this is easier than the post about apps that I was planning), so here goes:

📨 Mail Client: Mimestream

📮 Mail Server: Google (personal), Hover (professional)

📝 Notes: Apple Notes or Tot

✅ To-Do: Apple Notes

📷 Photo Shooting: Halide on iPhone 14 Pro (though I’ve got my eyeballs on a Fuji x100v if they ever come back in stock)

🎨 Photo Editing: Photos & Affinity Photo 2

📆 Calendar: Fantastical

📁 Cloud File Storage: Dropbox for the most part, though I’ve been getting more into physical storage solutions instead.

📖 RSS: Reeder

🙍🏻‍♂️ Contacts: Apple Contacts

🌐 Browser: Mostly Safari, but Arc when I want to watch YouTube while I’m working 😅

💬 Chat: Apple Messages, Discord, Slack

🔖 Bookmarks: I just leave tabs open until I read them, is that bad? 😬

📑 Read It Later: Reeder

📜 Word Processing: Craft

📈 Spreadsheets: Google Sheets

📊 Presentations: Figma

🛒 Shopping Lists: Google Keep

💰 Budgeting and Personal Finance: mostly tracked through my bank

📰 News: RSS through Reeder

🎵 Music: Apple Music & Bandcamp

🎤 Podcasts: Pocket Casts

🔐 Password Management: 1Password

🧑‍💻 Code Editor: Nova

✈️ VPN:

Honorable mentions:

CleanShot X for screenshots & li’l videos, CleanMyMac to uninstall stuff and keep my machine speedy, Ivory for Mastodon, Keystroke Pro when recording tutorials, and Farrago & Loopback to subject my colleagues to Patrick Swayze songs during standups.

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