Favorite Media of 2022

Tangentially related to my Enjoyment Roundups, I thought it’d be fun to go through various media I most enjoyed this past year.


still from Everything, Everywhere, All at Once
So glad Ke Huy Quan is getting his flowers.

Having a kid really changes your media habits, not to mention the whole ongoing global pandemic thing. So I didn’t get out to ye olde cineplex as much as I have in the past.

  1. Everything Everywhere All at Once
  2. Nope
  3. After Yang
  4. Glass Onion
  5. Turning Red


snippet of cover art for Alluvium by C Duncan
“What good would any gift do / When all that I want is you?”
  1. Alluvium — C Duncan
  2. Fire Seed — Phabies
  3. Brothertiger — Brothertiger
  4. Special — Lizzo
  5. Second Nature — Lucius


Himesh Patel and Matilda Lawler as Jeevan and Kristen in Station Eleven
“I stood looking over my damaged home and tried to forget the sweetness of life on Earth.”

If you listen to the podcast Wonderful, you’ve heard Griffin McElroy say that this may be the best year of television in recent memory — and I’m inclined to agree.

  1. Station Eleven — HBOMax (for now)
  2. Severance — Apple TV+
  3. Andor — Disney+
  4. The Bear — Hulu
  5. Our Flag Means Death — HBOMax (for now)
Honorable mention to everything on Dropout, which IMO is the best bang for your buck you can get with a streaming service. Dimension 20, Game Changer, Play It By Ear, Dirty Laundry, to name a few.

Video Games

screenshot from Tunic
“In a far off land, a great treasure was sealed away forever.”
  1. Tunic — Mac
  2. Horizon Forbidden West — PS5
  3. God of War Ragnarök — PS5
  4. Inscryption — PS5
  5. Bloom — Playdate


Jess McKenna and Zach Reino from the podcast Off Book

My doing-the-dishes and riding-the-bus entertainment of choice.

  1. Off Book (which has a Gamechanger and Dropout spinoff show you should absolutely watch)
  2. The Playdate Podcast
  3. Wonderful!
  4. My Brother, My Brother & Me
  5. Dungeons & Daddies
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