Default Apps 2023

Yo dawg, I heard you like lists


Eternal life of scrapes and bruises got you down in the dumps?


We needed somewhere very special to hold our F.A.R.T.S.

Enjoyment Roundup 003

Brain invasion, geometric magic, and an ultrahand

My Famicase 2023

We’re 84 million miles from home, and there’s something hungry out there.

Job Awesome

Reflections on one year at the internet’s icon library and toolkit

Enjoyment Roundup 002

Privilege, $20, imaginary games, shape-nanigans, and O-rings of power

Favorite Media of 2022

Looking back at the things I most enjoyed consuming last year

Enjoyment Roundup 001

A few things I’ve enjoyed this past week: old web, Tennis, magic wands, & sneaky keebs

Writing in the Open

While the paint may change, the bones will stay the same.