big grid of sharp, outlined Font Awesome icons overlaid on the words Sharp Regular

Hi! I’m Noah Jacobus, icon sommelier & design guy.

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Fair question. I’m a senior designer at Font Awesome (the internet’s icon library & toolkit), and before that I made lots of pictures and rectangles for MetaLab.

Some have called me “the Elizabeth Warren of our coworking space.” Well okay, only one person did...but she’s right.

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I’ve started writing again occasionally when the mood strikes. You can see everything, or here are the last couple batches of words:

Favorite Media of 2023

January 12, 2023

Default Apps

November 29, 2023

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Eventually, I’ll add more stuff — but for now here are a few recent or ongoing projects I’m proud of:

big grid of chunky icons

Chunk Icons

Figma Community

Teaser image of my forthcoming Famicase entry. White cartridge on grey background. The label is a deep navy blue with sparse stars speckled around the edges. Two thin, red arcs spread from top and bottom; and where they converge is a blue ONUS software logo with the words Coming soon beneath.


My Famicase 2023

Or see more of me elsewhere: